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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday February 5, 2006.
the virginia street bridgeI’ve been meaning to give a visual of our great river, sans flooding, for some time. Today I was able to get down there and cruise around with the camera for just that. I tried to get shots that mimicked the ones I had for the videocast of the flooding. Check ou the video first, and then look at the pics from today, or vice versa. It’s your mouse, click it how you want to. The image at the top is clickable (and the counter, in my favorite form, can be seen here, and the other two can be seen by clicking on the links below:
  • The AT&T building
  • The Riverwalk (for those of you who live here, yet have no idea what the river area looks like, this is the one I had on the news)

It’s pretty remarkable what the difference is. The water was blasting through downtown at a pretty impressive rate compared to normal, yet receded the same day to just about normal levels. Mother Nature can play some crazy games.

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