My photos are smarter than me

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday September 15, 2006.

GenderI got this message a while back about one of my photos on Flickr being perfect for the header to a page on the MIT OpenCourseWare site. I thought that was pretty cool. It happened because I use a Creative Commons license for all of the photos I upload. At this point, I use an Attribution, non-commercial, share alike license, which basically means you can use it as long as you’re not profiting from it and you attribute it to me. And you also have to have a sharing policy for the information you’re providing with my photo on it. The MIT people do exactly that. Their site is a place for college instructors to go and get syllabuses (yes, that’s the proper way to say it) for classes to figure out how to teach them. So I guess that means my pictures are a little bit smarter than me. Oh, and Claire, there is a use for Flickr.

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