Nevada Up North Hosts Richardson Event

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday July 14, 2007.

Brownshirt blogger Ross Armstrong, also known as Nevada Up North, hosted an event at his own home for presidential candidate Bill Richardson yesterday. An interesting note on the event is that I found out about it from Ross Armstrong himself. What makes that so stupid is that now Richardson is completely connected with someone who uses dirty tricks to try to shut down opponents, neglects to mention conflicts of interest (he has yet to acknowledge that he is Ross Armstrong, he reports on Richardson on his blog, as well as other candidates—will he host an event for Mike Gravel?), and is a horrendous dresser (even I, with my utter ineptitude in the fashion arts, can recognize that). I actually like Richardson myself (and isn’t that ironic—that Armstrong and I might wind up supporting the same guy?), and might have been interested in attending an event for him. I’m guessing my request for an invitation would have been denied, however. I’m really curious if Richardson is aware of Ross Armstrong’s past. And on a more disappointing note, if Richardson is not, why didn’t event photographer David Bobzien inform him? I know Bobzien has integrity, so I really want to believe it just slipped his mind. If you read the political blogs in Nevada, you probably think this kind of thing only happens with “Rethuglicans.” But with the Democrats seemingly unwilling to hold Ross Armstrong accountable for what he did, more and more it’s looking like both parties are on level ground.

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