New Feature: the Self-Importance Meter

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday October 24, 2007.

Self-importance is running high right now on this site. And why not? The world is finally aware of two important things: I am not anonymous and I don’t like it when people make stuff up about me and then try to argue with their made-up point as if I had something to do with it from the beginning. So, as a way to warn visitors to this site, I have decided I should add an indicator of how self-important I am feeling at a given moment. Think of it as a “mood” indicator, like they have on MySpace, only without the stupid animated smiley faces. I don’t even know how high this thing will go yet, but let’s face it, it can go pretty high. You’ll find the meter over in the sidebar, right below the Special Sections thing.

One important question remains: will Robert Payne approve?

Ryan JerzRyan Jerz is an all-around good guy who wants people to eventually refer to him as "that dude who climbs mountains."

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