Best Company That Doesn't Make iPods

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday January 29, 2006.
my new glassesSerious, serious props to the makers of Smith Sunglasses. I had a pair of maroon glasses with interchangeable lenses. There were brown ones, yellow ones, and rosy-colored ones. The frame broke one day, and the lens on that side wouldn’t stay in. I was bummed. My friend at work told me they have a great warranty, and that if you send them in they’ll either replace or fix them. So I took a flyer and did just that. One week to the day later, a box was on my doorstep. Inside was a brand new pair of black (better color for me) glasses complete with a case and extra lenses. Cost: $1.46 (postage on the broken pair). Benefits: looking like Bono. Okay, maybe not that much.

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