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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday August 9, 2004.

About halfway to Los Angeles, where we planned to stay with my aunt, I realized I had forgotten my shoes. I had shoes, just not the ones I normally wear around. The shoes I had brought were my running shoes and my flip flops. Neither was a pair I wanted to wear to a Dodger game and two days of Disneyland. So we decided that we had to buy me some, which is something that I probably needed to do anyway, since my everyday shoes were my old running shoes, still in good shape, but hardly a pair that you wanted to cruise around in at semi-professional functions. Being on the way to So Cal, I figured we’d hit up a Vans store or something because I had wanted to pick up some Vans anyway lately.

My aunt luckily has a Val Surf store pretty near her house. So on Saturday morning my uncle and I went down to look through the shoes and pick some up for me. On the way down we started talking about one time my uncle had been in a similar shop and began talking about the music they were playing. He said it was that 80’s pop stuff with a bunch of synthesizers and stuff. He walked to the counter and told them he thought it was pretty cool stuff. He remembered when it had all come out, etc. The girl behind the counter remarked how she thought it was really cool, too, but then dropped the bomb of, “Yeah, I just love this old stuff.” Of course he was devastated for some time.

When we got to the shoes a guy came over to help me out right away. He was young, either in high school or just out of it. He had to run into the back of the store to find about five pairs of shoes because they didn’t have any in my size. So when he finally came back with a pair that fit me it was nice. I tried them on, told him I would go with them, then asked if they would last me awhile. He “yeah, sure.” Then he came back with, “Well, you’re not going to be , like (chuckle), skating or anything, right?” I was like, “Dude, did you have to laugh when you said that?”

After all the crap I had just given my uncle about how he really was old and I am young, he got to witness the whole thing. He laughed all the way out the store, and kept telling people that I wasn’t going to be skating or anything. At 29 years old I have officially become one of those old guys who cruises into skate shops and starts buying the gear to continue looking cool. I think I hate myself now.

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