No wonder nobody likes me

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday May 25, 2006.

I realized last night that I’m just a dick. I really don’t like anybody really, and I spend a lot of time complaining. Here are two examples.

At The Boy’s baseball game, they were playing a team that drives me nuts (it was the A’s, which really pisses me off because they’re my least hated team in baseball). Not only is the coach of that team a loud, obnoxious dickweed, but he does stupid crap. Every batter in the bottom of their lineup tries to bunt. Why, because generally, kids this age are about 50-50 at fielding bunts properly and making the play. And if a kid can’t hit, he just goes up there and strikes out or maybe walks. So this clown makes these kids bunt. I have a novel idea…teach the kid to hit, you freaking moron. I can not stand it when the game is about winning for coaches at this age. These kids are nine, ten, and eleven years old. They are at an age where they need to learn the game, not win the game. Another thing the guy does is if there is a runner on third and a player walks, he screams some idiotic word like, “BANANA!” and the kid who walked just keep running to second base. The whole point is to try to get the runner home from third base. Another fine teaching moment for this jackass. Ever see a big leaguer try that shit? Both runners would get thrown out because eventually these guys get good enough that they’d laugh at the very idea of someone trying that on them. It’s not how to play baseball. And it’s certainly not a way to teach these kids how to play. But hey, winning matters, right?

And what do I do? I sit there and bitch out loud about the other team and how their coach is a complete moron. But they scored seven runs and not one of them was legitimate. All of them were scored off of some stupid trick play. Ridiculous. Meanwhile, our kids go up there looking to hit the ball ad run the bases properly. And I thnk sometimes our coaches are the only ones that get it. I’ll have more on bad coaches in my podcast this week. And believe me, the guys I talk about there are worth it.

Then there’s my complaining about The Wolf Pack Zone. Damn, man, do something over there. I get that there isn’t much news this time of year, but at least talk about something. And shouldn’t you have to actually post stuff every once in a while before you get to do the I’m on my way out of town, so blogging will be light post? Seriously. More from the tournament, my ass. We’ll hear from him in a week, and he’ll probably never deliver on his promise to expose the Pack’s baseball problems either. What a sham that site is turning out to be. Oh well. If only I had the contacts and resources to do that.

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