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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday June 6, 2006.

I’m home. It’s 11:30 pm. Okay, 11:41, actually. I spent the evening at work. We do this crazy thing each year, called Lights! Camera! Auction!. As a production toad, I get to be a director for this event. That means I get to tell the camera people, video operators, floor directors, audio people, graphics people, and best of all, on-air talent, what to do. I also get to push a lot of flashy buttons. The auction is a long night of directing for someone who generally directs half-hour or one-hour shows. This is three and a half hours, with a break in there, but it’s sort of mind-numbing. Did I use enough words with hyphens? Did I use them correctly?

Well, I’m glad you all made it past the auction part. I get home, check email, sneak a peak at visitor logs, which is pretty much par for the course. There’s a weird search string in my logs. See, I use Textpattern, this great content management system developed originally by Dean Allen but has now been branched out into the open source world. Tons of geeks and hackers take their shots at it to make it better. I love it, and can’t see myself changing unless something catastrophic happens. Also, it’s super freaking easy to set up. One of the great features of TXP (as we call it in the TXP community) is the in-house (hyphen, awesome) search engine. I put the search box on the page, you search, and it produces results that are from my site. No worries about making sure Google has indexed the page or whatever they do. You get answers to your question about my site. I love that.

Like I said, there’s a weird string in the logs. Some genius came here from my blogger profile, which basically means they came here because of a comment I left at some point at INP (those of us on the inside call it that). They proceeded to page through entries from the past week or so, and not like a robot does. It was an entry every minute or two, so they were reading them. Then the searching began. Things like, “EO” or “witty” and finally “NICPAC.” It stopped on my lengthy piece about “EO” and “NICPAC” from last week. But the best part about the searching was that when they tried to find Eric Odom, THEY SPELLED IT WRONG! They spelled it, “Eric Odem.” Perfect. Which NICPAC lackey was put in charge of finding information today? Actually, this could only be funnier to me if Odom himself had been the searcher.

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