Of course this breaks today

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday June 9, 2006.

Throw it DownYeah, I get it. The paper comes out with an article that mentions me writing about sports, I bitch about being typecast, and now this. What do you people want from me? He Who Shall Hold Every Recordâ„¢ in Nevada basketball’s books is returning for his senior season and I’m supposed to ignore it? Jeeze. Now it all makes sense. I have a source placed closely to head coach Mark Fox, and the other day the source told me that she told Fox that Nick was returning. Fox replied, “I know.” This was over a week ago, mind you. I totally could have scooped the world on it, but I didn’t have confirmation, nor did I see Fox’s face when he said it, so I can’t be sure if he wasn’t just giving her a little wink and a nudge, or if he was serious. I’ve even heard he often calls the source, “Sugar.” And memo to Fox: she talks, man. Be careful what you say to her. And you know who I mean.

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