Why do I keep watching?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday August 23, 2004.

I had a conversation (read: bitched my ass off to somebody) at work today about the Olympics. Basically, it centered around “sports” that require judging versus sports that require an objective measure of some sort. Swimming: great. Track and field: great. Diving and gymnastics: sucky. Sure, I’ve been as into the stuff as the next guy, and I definitely have respect for people who are able to do things that I am unable to do, with their strength, agility, flexibility, and the like. But I have a serious problem with the way the winner is determined. Basically, a group gets together and says, “X wins because he did stuff better than Y.” Stupid.

Now, this argument is certainly not a new one, but it seems to be as relevant today as it ever has been. As I prepared to switch the television on to endure another night of the Olympics, only to wake up exhausted tomorrow, I decided to check up and see what was actually decided today. That’s when I came across and article that spelled out the near riot that went down in the building where they have gymnastics. It seems, for some crazy reason, that the judging was called into question tonight. Who’da thought? Apparently, some Russian guy went balls out on his high bar routine and got hosed on the score. Then, said Russian guy decided to play the Svetlana card, by saying that it’s all decided beforehand. Know what I say to him? BFD. If you don’t like the way judges judge your “sport,” feel free to play a real game. Like where you score points in a way that can’t be disputed. Basketball, for instance.

Basically, I am sick and tired of these guys running around bitching about how unfair their sport is to them. If the judging is too tough to deal with, start kicking a soccer ball. It’s a bit more of a sport than what you do now.


After seeing the Russian guy’s routine, he dserved a medal. I’m no gymnastics expert (thankfully), but I can see balls when they appear. That guy had balls, and he deserved a place on the podium, even if it’s filled with midgets who can flip around four times and stick blind landings.

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