Open letters: the RGJ and Myself

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday December 12, 2006.

To the RGJ: It’s simple, really. Make your damn archives permanent, please. I just tried (again) to find the article you did a long time ago on podcasting. Guess what? It was gone. That’s unacceptable. I’ve heard you can pay for archived content, but the link to that story just says that the page is invalid. No mention of paying to get behind the firewall. Let’s fix that up.

To myself: You have done well to get your name in the media of late. Just remember, the recent love of blogging in Reno could be one of two things.

  1. It could be that they love blogging and think it’s the coolest thing ever. So it only makes sense that they would all spend time covering bloggers as they emerge in the new world of journalism.
  2. It could be that they know it’s a cool trend and they’re capitalizing on it themselves. You know how media will grab hold of whatever thing is new and cool and people are talking about. But beware that they may not really be taking you seriously. Also, don’t get all adversarial with the “old media” as they are very relevant partners in new ventures that include blogging. It’s important to keep in mind that anything you do in the near future will be better if the newspapers and television stations pick up on it. It’ll also be very important in distant future that they understand you so that what they do will be covered as well. Keep the relationship up. It’ll only help everyone.

Ryan JerzRyan Jerz is an all-around good guy who wants people to eventually refer to him as "that dude who climbs mountains."

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