Piper - 8 months old - is a graduate

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday June 10, 2008.

Piper in a shirtPiper: this dog recently graduated from something. Photo by Christy Jerz.Here’s a great story that I should tell because 1) I have to live up to my billing as a member of David LaPlante’s “Dads and Parents Blogroll,” and 2) it comes with a bit of fame (albeit, small-time, blogger fame, but fame nonetheless).

The Girl has been taking Piper, the smaller, poorly-behaved animal to a training class at The Canine Club in Sparks. It was kind of an introduction to being trained thing for the dog, where they learned basic skills like listening and being rewarded for good behavior. I wasn’t able to get to the class except for twice in the six-week run, but it seemed like everyone was happy with it. Last week was the final class in the series, and Piper graduated. She received a certificate and everything. The best part is that she actually has learned quite a bit about being a dog from that class. She sits, stays, can do “canine calisthenics,” which means she can sit, stand, sit, stand, repeatedly. It’s pretty cool to see her progress. We do have to stop the barking that goes on whenever the windows are open.

So here’s the better of the two stories. As we wrote down the names that will go on the certificate, namely Piper and The Girl Jerz, the trainer, Greg, looks at the sheet and says, “I’ve been meaning to ask you this…” The question, much to Christy’s utter dismay, was whether I happened to be the same guy who ran a site called mrjerz.org. Hopefully, all of you are aware that, yes, that is me. It launched a mini discussion about blogging and the local scene. He was pretty in tune with what goes on here, and even considered starting a blog for himself. I said of course he should, and relayed that I had heard once from the managing editor at the RGJ that the dog blog was the most popular. I believe it, and figured tips on training dogs would be a good topic. I have no idea if that’s out there already, but I’m sure it is.

So let’s check the final score. Ryan – 1, Christy – bitter. And I won’t even get into the other people that have recently asked her if she’s married to mrjerz. That would ruin her day. Also, look for a new dog blog soon from Greg at the Canine Club.

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