Politics Sucks

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday October 22, 2004.

Yes, politics sucks. And not just because of all the rhetoric being thrown around in this year’s presidential race, either. The main reason I find politics completely shitty is that my life is just drained by it right now.

At work we have been covering all of the races that appear on the Washoe County Ballot. What that means is that every slot on our channel that is slated for local shows to air is taken by election coverage. That equals four half-hour spots per week over a seven or eight week period, I can’t remember. That means we had to tape or produce 30+ shows during this time. To top it off, we have another show in production that has taken the only other person who directs shows out of the building almost every day. So I have been tasked with directing the vast majority of the thirty shows myself.

I love directing, but it can really wear on someone. And the past few shows have reflected that. I’m starting to suck.

One positive note about doing all of this is that I get to meet the candidates and see not only their on-air face, which for most is sort of silly, but I also get to see them off-air. Some of them have been genuinely cool people, others have not been rude, so to speak, but have been above the whole thing. The bad thing about the good thing is that I’m starting to not give a crap. I used to be really fired up and passionate about politics, but now I’m just wishing the damn thing would get over.

So the reason I decided to write about this was therapy. That, and I haven’t written in about two years. So I had to write something. In fact, that is what I’m most upset about. Not only has the election season sapped me of my love of politics, it has taken away my love of this site, and all of the others I read. I get home, and nothing comes to me. I just sit and watch baseball. Which I’m okay with. Did anyone else see those damn games? But I don’t want to sit and watch baseball. I want to watch it with my iBook on my lap writing about something funny that happened that day, but I can’t. I want to be redesigning this site to look more like a real web site and not some jackass’ hobby. I can do it, but I just can’t lately. The bottom line, I’m tired, and I have politics to blame.

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