Update to the Podcast, But Worthy of Its Own Post

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday December 13, 2005.

Okay, maybe not completely worthy, but since this is my place, anything that’s this much about me is pretty much worthy of its own post. Plus, I don’t post often.

Today, when I got The Girl from school, she told me that her teacher had seen me on the screen at the game on Saturday. They did a ton of that at the Pond, where they would put people in the crowd on the screen during television breaks and stuff. I though that was great. I had seen most of the stuff on the screen, but I certainly hadn’t seen myself, or I would have done something stupid, like you’re supposed to when a camera gets pointed at you. One confusing thing was that The Girl’s teacher is a graduate of Nevada and certainly would have been invited to Christy’s party, so why wasn’t she there? Why didn’t we see someone we knew at the game?

Then, this afternoon, I got the following email from a former co-worker who did well enough to earn herself the nickname “The Princess”:

So, I was watching the UNR basketball game on TV Saturday when there was a bad call (the one where the ball went out on UCLA, but they called it out on us, then changed their minds and made the right call). Naturally, the Nevada crowd was pissed, so the cameras focused right in on our section. And, there YOU were! On your feet, in your NV sweatshirt, with an enormously pissed off face, yelling out at the retarded refs. It was f’ing great! I physically jumped, surprised to see you. That was the highlight of that whole stupid game for me. Nice work. Thanks.

Awesome. I was not on the screen in the arena, I was on freaking television. The sucky part is that the game was carried on WGN (who watches that station? Don’t they carry Cubs games, for crying out loud?), which is not carried locally on cable. So everyone that saw it either was watching from a bar or on the dish. Which pretty much equals most of my friends, but I have yet to hear from anyone else. Did you see it? Did I look hammered?

The sad part is that I work in television. I put people on TV all the time, and I suddenly care about this. My kids have each been stars of multiple commercials on a local (and regional) level, yet this is a high point in my life. And until today, I thought our seats

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