Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday August 16, 2005.

I haven’t really felt like writing at all these days. I’m tired, I guess. Whenever I have any sort of an idea, I simply jot it down and later talk about it in a podcast. That seems easier to me, even though I have to record it, export it from QuickTime, import it to Final Cut Pro, edit it, add music, export it from Final Cut Pro, import it to iTunes, then export it from iTunes, upload it to the server, and post it. While it’s a lot of steps, and it takes longer than just writing it down, it seems a lot easier. I think that’s because I just say it, and don’t have to think about how much sense it makes, or how it reads, or if it’s even interesting or funny. And while there is a lot of technical crap that goes on with the podcasts, I enjoy doing them.

The most fun I’ve had with them is making the music I’ve used for the past few. I originally used songs from my library, but someone told me there might be rights issues, so I blew that off and started mixing my own stuff using Soundtrack. It’s a bit different from Garage Band in that you can’t hook up an instrument and input sound. This one is meant for mixing tracks for commercials, television shows, and stuff like that. Garage Band seems to be for eople who want to produce an album. And I’ve never used it, so I really don’t know.

That’s where I stand these days. I’m just tired and wishing I had enough money to relax in the Caribbean for about a year or fifty. But if you’re interested in what I’m doing regularly, check out the podcasts. I will be fine-tuning them as I get a bit more under my belt. Plus, each episode might feature some kick-ass new tunes that will make you want to listen to me more and more.

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