Prescribed burning

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday October 25, 2006.

Today I got to take part in a pretty cool activity. I was invited to go on a prescribed burn on some forest land in Incline Village. It was part of another project I’m working on. The opportunity to see how these things are done from the crew briefings to the setting of the fires to the maintenance was too tough to pass up, even if it meant I’d have to hike around on a hill with a 40-50% grade. The project I am working on consists of still photos and audio, but I brought my video camera to capture some of the stuff in motion. Here’s the video I edited down when I got home. With what I’m doing I think I should get to a couple more of these in the next month or so.

The whole event is mesmerizing. I found myself just staring at how the fire consumed certain things while I should have been shooting. I did take away a bunch of good photos, but they have to be saved for something else. Enjoy the video, even if it is a bit drama-free.

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