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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday March 11, 2005.

In the past week or two I’ve been doing my share of intense thinking. I’ve come up with an idea. I’ve decided that it would further my happiness, not to mention my famousness, if I did things that made the world a better place. So there you have it. My plan is to do things that make the world a better place.

Additionally, some pretty cool things, and some not-so-cool things have gone on. I’ll start with the bad news. Last night sucked. Heading into the WAC Tournament, Nevada was the odds-on favorite, being that they won the WAC regular season title outright, and had the player of the year, freshman of the year, and coach of the year on their side. They were set to play perrennial doormat Boise freaking State in the quarterfinals of the tourney, and Boise just smacked them. It was a very close game, 74-73, but it was not a good game. Sure, it was a great game if you were 6-12 in WAC play during the regular season, but if you were 16-2, it was crap. Boise looked like a team that was bad, so they decided to get physical real early, and all the Pack did was reciprocate and get out of their gameplan. It was sloppy. So now they’ll hang out and wait until the selection show this weekend, and will probably be relegated back to a 10 or 12 seed in the NCAA Tournament, instead of a 7 or 8. It just means a tougher road to repeating last year’s heroics.

Aside from basketball, props need to be handed out around this place. We have a contact in the University’s alumni relations dipartment, and (s)he was learning some new software the other day. As an example the trainer and our contact were looking up at how individuals were coded in the system to receive mailers and crap. The particular list they were looking at was “Nevada’s Most Influential Women.” I’d love to see this list, simply because it would be interesting to see how many of the legislators I’ve been having to look at in video footage were included. But guess who was on that list, baby. That’s right, yours truly. I am now considered one of the most influential women in Nevada. Of course, the person we know noticed, and sad something, so my name was removed from the list. But think of the things I could have done while on that list. I could have eaten lunch for free a few times a year simply because I might have the potential to drop a shitload of cash on the University. And those lunches are nice, too. I know it wouldn’t have lasted once they got my frst donation of $7.14 because that’s all the change I could scrounge up, but you have to admit, I am a hot woman. I can’t wait to tell everyone at the fantasy draft this weekend about this one. Oh, and Lennie, when you read this, which I know you will because what you call stupid you’re actually drawn to, you can suck it.

Speaking of that, in addition to the photo section here, I’ll be posting mre candid stuff at Flickr from now on. Enjoy.

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