On a Mission

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday January 25, 2006.

I spent some time lately working on a new look for this site. Lately, I’ve felt constrained and uninspired, so I decided to try to do something about it. I usually write about things that I can carry on about for a few paragraphs, but I don’t normally think like that. I am a quick hitter. I like to get in, say something, then get out. But I dislike having a bunch of entries on one page, so I limited myself to longer stuff than I am designed for. Plus, when you factor in that I put the posts for the podcasts on the front page, that really made it imperative that I write longer. I want to change that.

This new look features a few things. First, the information on the top left (archives, blogroll, the shop) is tighter and more constrained. Next, I really wanted to get back to having photos featured prominently on the front page. So I have re-formatted my Flickr thing to have slightly larger pics, and I’m limiting them to the ones I consider my best. Below the Flickr thing is a list of my latest del.icio.us links. I save stuff there just about every day, so that will change. And eventually, I might just turn that into a link blog type thing with my comments and whatever.

On the right, you have the podcasts. Each podcast has a title and an excerpt. Clicking on the title will take you to the individual entry for the particular podcast. I will also start to title them a little better, so they appear interesting to the unsuspecting visitor to the site. Woe unto them.

Overall, I just wanted a color change. I’m also searching my thousands of photos that wil be perfect for the top header thing.

As for the content, I plan on focusing more effort to local things. We have elections this year, and I’ll be following that stuff. I also get to see and hear more than normal people because of what I do. Without doing anything to get myself into trouble, I want to cover some of that stuff and shoot for more local readers. But I’ll still cover really important global issues, such as my life and the quirkiness of kids and stuff like that, so fret not. Also, Nevada sports. Baseball starts at the beginning of February, and I have tickets to games. And a camera. Awesome.

That should do it with what’s happening. Keep on me if I don’t live up. Oh yeah, I should be making beer soon.

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