Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday April 7, 2006.

Inspiration comes in crushing waves for me. I get obsessed with a topic, think about it for days on end, then it disappears. That’s why there are times of great emptiness on this site. It’s simply that I have no obsession for awhile. Right now, I do have an obsession. I’m drunk with a sense of meaningfulness (and booze, naturally), even if that means I’m outed as a clown. And yes, I am a clown.

This latest brouhaha I’ve had a hand in is just one example. While it started as serious, and something I truly believe in, I’ve begun looking for ways to really capitalize on the opportunites it has presented. Those opportunities have to do with who now checks this site, and how far back they are willing to look at what I’ve written, and what I’ve said about them. But I have to get something straight, so as to not ever leave anyone with the wrong impression.

I don’t lie here.

I don’t. I have ridiculed, opined, and speculated, but if you think something I’ve said is a serious allegation, and I’ve asserted it as a fact, it’s true. Sometimes my facts even seem like jokes, at least to me. If you think it’s a lie, feel free to ask me, and I’ll expand on the story. If you think something I’ve opined is being stated as fact, you take yourself, and life, too seriously, or you’re stupid. Pick one or the other, possibly both, but at least one. I will happily answer all queries via email, which you can find by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the thing that says “email.” Even newspaper reporters can find the bottom of the page eventually. And no, I do not want to move the link. I like the way the page looks just as it is, thanks. Until I change my mind, that is.

But back to the new readers. As most bloggers who don’t lie will tell you, I check my visitor logs a lot. And I’m amused as to how certain people get here, like with crazy google searches and whatever. And if the searches are of the nature that I know I had something to really say about the subject, I like to try to find out who got here that way. And when the searcher then searches within my site and came back multiple times to, presumably, re-check those pages, it gets even more interesting. And when I know that the search results took the searcher to pages with information that was very unflattering to the subject, it gets even better. And I really want to know who was doing it. And when the IP address comes from a local entity that reports news and stuff, I start to feel semi-relevant. But, of course, they’d never use the stuff I’ve said, mostly because I’m a clown.

The lesson here is that you can never be too anonymous. You’re at the mercy of the person who pays the bills for the site you’re visiting. In this case, it’s me. Actually, it’s my wife, mostly. But since we’re married, I still get to look at the logs. And while this exercise was pretty harmless on the surface, it points out that a lot of info can be gleaned from simple deductions and letting the human mind run wild. Also, obsessive people can find a lot out in a short time. So I figure nothing I’d written in those two posts was really all that newsworthy. but I felt cool just getting the look from the local fishwrap. Maybe the more I get into this local thing, the more people would start to recognize my name at parties and want to beat me up. That’s what I’m here for. But remember, I’m just a clown.

Of course, sometimes there are deeper connections.

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