Remember the Milk and the iPhone - my wish

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Thursday October 30, 2008.

This is pretty interesting. Ever since Dave at Blogography hooked me up with my first Flickr Pro account, I’ve been hooked on it. I have no problem paying $25 annually for what amount to unlimited bandwidth and uploading of photos for me and access to all of my archives instead of just my most recent 200 photos. But with new things come new expectations.

remember the milk upgradeI am a freak for Remember the Milk. It integrates well with Gmail and Firefox, is simple to use, and free. There has always been a “pro” upgrade option that included email support (I’m hardly a power user and have never had even a minor issue), mobile phone access (never had one capable of this until last week), and the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with supporting a good company. I never upgraded.

Now, I’m interested in upgrading. The iPhone doesn’t have a to do list feature, and I’m just about completely a cloud computing user. I only keep what I have to on my desktop machine, and even then I typically figure out some way to put it online for access from anywhere. You just never know when you’ll need it, and I do a bit of work travel, so I need access from all over the place. That’s why it makes sense that I have an iPhone now, and that’s why I can’t deal with another to do list app on the iPhone. I need it to integrate with everything else, and Remember the Milk does that.

Here comes the problem. I’ve played with the App Store. There are some amazing apps in there and some apps that are entirely useless to me. The vast majority of them so far have either been free or dirt cheap. And from what I can gather, everything I’ve paid for is a one-time fee for the application. Because of this shift in what I expect to pay for things online, I’m not excited to pay $25 each year for the privilege of having access to an iPhone-formatted version of the site. It seems like it would make much more sense (and possibly way more money) for them to offer an application for $2-$5, doesn’t it? That would be way more in line with what other developers are doing, and the lower price point seems like it would be more attractive to a much wider audience.

I can still access Remember the Milk through the iPhone browser, but it’s not as simple as the iPhone-formatted version they let me preview. I like the pay version better, but I don’t think I like it $25 a year better. Maybe I do. But I certainly don’t think I’m getting as much value as I do with Flickr.

Is there another online application doing something like this? Has anyone killed their upgrade model in favor of a cheaper, more accessible application for mobile phones? Any idea if they’re having success?

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