Reno: Clean and Green

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday October 15, 2007.

The clean and green logoThe Clean and Green program is designed to keep Reno’s neighborhoods beautiful all year long.If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to take part in a great citywide program to clean up the right way. The City of Reno is putting on a program this month called Clean and Green. The purpose of the program is to offer a place to take trash and junk to be disposed of in the proper manner.

We’ll be using the program to get rid of some old paint that’s been hanging around our garage for over five years. A limited number of vouchers for hazardous waste disposal or a free trip to the Lockwood landfill can be picked up at City Hall. These will allow you to get rid of stuff that’s been collecting and is difficult or expensive to get rid of normally.

Along with the vouchers, the city will have selected drop-off locations each weekend for the stuff you want to get rid of. We’re already halfway through the month, so it’s time to get with it. This weekend’s drop-offs are located at Fire Station #3 on Moana next to the pool and Moana Stadium and at the University’s North end off of Comstock Drive (see map).

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