Reno is .in

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday November 6, 2006.

A few weeks ago, Steven Johnson launched a new site called which aggregates content based on zip codes (where I found it). Readers of news stories, blogs, and events can submit individual entries or entire sites that fit within a zip code or community. Bloggers can simply tag entries with the relevant zip codes and theoretically will pick them up and display them.

I submitted several individual posts while the site submission tool was not yet operational, but it now is. In the past few days I got a few hits from so I checked back. Reno is now on the map, so to speak. Check it out. Now all of you need to get on and add your sites.

The point of is to reach visitors to a new place and I can see it being used as a starting point for other bloggers looking to write about something in another area. If I wanted to write about something in North Dakota, I could look at to find what people in North dakota are talking about, doing, and believeing. It’s pretty cool, and we should all be using it.

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