Richard Disney needs your help, badly

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday October 23, 2007.

Richard Disney's copyright infringing logoRichard Disney’s logo from his failed campaign’s website. Does the Walt Disney Corporation know he’s using their script?I hate to pick on the little guy, but when you start posting stuff anonymously on other sites, you get what you deserve. In actuality, I might not even be picking on Richard in this case. I do have his best interest at heart, you know. Who couldn’t, after his magnificently run campaign where somewhere in the neighborhood of four people actually figured out who he was? The dude literally got just 72 more votes than a guy who talked about killing people at UNR! So I’m here to help.

“Just what are you here to help with?” you might be asking. It’s simple, really. I was looking at Richard’s sites this morning and came across something that I thought he should, at the very least, be informed of. And knowing that he frequents this site (but would never admit that he stoops so low), I thought it would be beneficial to both him and me if I were to post it here so he could learn from it and I could repair the image problem that seems to be plaguing me lately.

Don’t worry, I’ll get to it.

Remember, I have discussed Disney frequently on this site in the past. He’s what you might call a “favorite target.” And why not? It’s his attention to detail that has always drawn my eyeballs his way. I’m like Sauron when the dumb little hobbits look into the palantír or put the ring on for a few seconds. Disney just has a habit of doing things that make me notice him, and then it’s on.

Well, this time it was the anonymous comment. So I started checking into what he’s doing these days and I never got past his site on Conservablogs. Well, I did get past it (once I stopped laughing), but that is for another day. What I found makes me think he’d be a great politician. He always makes sure his “i“s are dotted and his “t“s are crossed. Which is why I was (not) surprised to be greeted by his new blog name. I think it’s brilliant. I wish I had thought of it.

Thanks again, Richard, for providing us with all the material we need for a week or so of entertainment. Will someone please show that guy the admin side of a Wordpress install? EO are you out there…

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