Must See Internet TV

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday February 10, 2006.

Back, by polular demand, and probably just for a day and on occasion, is the Rico Cam. Folks, it wouldn’t be there if it was not riveting entertainment. You, yes you! can watch my dog, Uncle Rico, as he lays his rule-breaking ass on the couch all day long. That dog won’t go near the couch when we’re home, but as soon as we leave, there he goes. He stands on it, looks out windows, jumps around and laughs all freaking day long. And now you can witness these heinous acts all for yourself. Enjoy.

Also, I took some of my best shots last night at the Pack smacking of New Mexico State. I also took some video that I’ll use in my podcast this evening. It was awesome. And for those of you I talk to about such things, yes, Nick Fazekas looks like he finally remembered how to dunk a basketball.

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