Rogers back?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday January 15, 2007.

This whole thing is getting weird.

Jim Rogers said tonight he is back as university system chancellor after meeting with Regents James Dean Leavitt and Chair Bret Whipple, who had called for his resignation Friday.

Rogers said he was able to resolve their differences through a two-and-a-half hour conversation with the two regents that was mediated by former Clark County Commissioner Thom Reilly.

Sorry. No link. It’s currently (11:29 pm Sunday) listed as a “news flash” item on the Review-Journal website, but with no permalink. Learn something from the RGJ, will ya?

Apparently, it’s not all about right-versus-left.

The real question is what is gained or lost by the return of Rogers. Is his hiring of Tessa Hafen now legitimized, or will there be fallout? It’s an interesting question, to say the least. The Muth certainly makes a good case for Hafen to be dismissed with prejudice, but we’ll see if Rogers’ pull among the Regents stays strong.

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