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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday May 30, 2004.

I haven’t been to many concerts in my time, but the one last night was absolutely awesome. It was by far the best of my life. First off, I knew the words to the songs. Until now, I had mainly attended concerts of bands I wasn’t too familiar with. I would up liking them, but at teh time of the show I was relatively unaware of what they were about. In this case, I was totally aware. I am a big Liz Phair fan and am still pumped that I got a chance to see her live. What’s better is that the venue was awesome. Caesar’s Tahoe. I had seen Natalie Merchant there before, but we sat in the back and the whole place was filled with tables. It was great, but didn’t compare in the least to Liz.

They removed the table in the front and made it a pit area. With our seating, we had access to the pit. ed was smart enough to be the first guy in the theater, so he had a spot front and center. And when I say front and center, I mean seriously front and center. We were five feet from Liz as she sang. One ting that was a huge benefit was that there was almost nobody there. It was empty, and she didn’t seem to care at all. She played her ass off, smiled the whole time, interacted with the crowd, and entertained the entire time she was out there.

Another awesome thing about the show was the impromptu style. She asked the crowd if we were into her old stuff. When we responded, she played it. Some of the classics she said she couldn’t even remember. Her band also wasn’t able to play a couple, either. she played Stratford-on-Guy solo. No drums. She screwed up the ending of Chopsticks. She couldn’t play a few. It was really personal, which made it that much better. She also didn’t give a rat’s ass if we were shoving cameras in her face, so we got a ton of great shots from the show. Ed even had her mugging for him a few times. And to top it off, she smiled for a picture with me after the show when she stuck around to sign autographs. I will see her again if I get the chance, she has definitely earned it. Below are the pics I have deemed worthy of sharing.

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