Site update - September 5, 2008

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday September 5, 2008.

A couple of quick things about the site.

First, and most importantly, the Reactionary Hurl is done. I just didn’t have the desire to keep up the constant saving and posting of links. Instead, I installed a killer plugin which gives me the option of posting any page, any time to the site, and I’ll be doing that in place of the Hurl. Basically, just consider anything prefaced by the section header “Link” as a Hurl item. All old links will remain intact.

Second, the navigation in the sidebar and special sections area will change as a result. That’s a lame second item and an obvious one, but I said a couple of things.

Third, if you dislike video, you’ll really dislike this site going forward. I won’t be a dorky YouTube regurgitator. I’ll be posting my own stuff. I’m excited about it and it will likely change the focus of what I do (I have no idea what that is right now, either – I haven’t completed the marketing plan for 2005, much less 2008 yet). It won’t be the same as the A Memo to Ed Adkins videos, but it will be videos.

Thanks, and have a beer for me, eh?

Ryan JerzRyan Jerz is an all-around good guy who wants people to eventually refer to him as "that dude who climbs mountains."

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