Slurpee Crawl 2006

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday July 11, 2006.

Mt. RoseToday the family embarked on what we plan to make an annual event—Slurpee Crawl. Slurpee Crawl works similar to a pub crawl. But it can only happen on July 11, as 7-Eleven gives out free Slurpees on this day, for what should be obvious reasons. We’ve taken part in the free Slurpee day for about four years now, but have never done one of these.

One downside to the crawl is that we can’t actually crawl—or even walk. We had to drive the whole thing, simply because we wanted to make it home before the end of the week. So we did. That also limits decent photo opportunities. Oh well. Maybe bikes in a few years. That would be fresh.

We started at the University 7-Eleven and worked our way toward home, stopping at Keystone & 7th, California & Booth, and Mt. Rose along the way. That was about all we could handle, as the Slurpees start to take over your body. See the photos from the crawl here.

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