So how is this poll supposed to help?

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday May 3, 2010.

I realize that a good amount of polls that we get called for around here are garbage, but this one stood out so much that I had to write down questions immediately after hanging up because I thought it was so horrible.

I was greeted by a guy who sounded like he was calling from the Fraternal Order of Police. You know those guys, right? They sound like that guy on the “Click it or Ticket” commercials. Like maybe John Walsh thinks they’re good at voice work. Anyway, he asked for me then informed me that he’d like me to answer six simple questions. I’m always game. Here they are:

  1. Are you registered to vote in Nevada?
  2. Outside of official party registration, with whom are you most aligned? R, D, I
  3. Do you oppose all tax increases even if the money is only used for education?
  4. Do you oppose keeping Nevada a right to work state, meaning that workers would not have to join unions to get and keep certain jobs?
  5. Do you support all gun control laws, even those that require you to register a handgun?
  6. Should abotrion be illegal in all cases except to save the life of a child?

The wording might not be exact, but the way the questions were asked is exactly right. They were worded in ways such that even if you understood the right and wrong answers based on what you believe, you still had no idea what you just answered. Take number five, for instance. I most certainly do not support all gun control laws, but supporting a handgun registration law is hardly a horrible offender on the scale of gun control laws, is it? I’d be more likely to support that than I would a number of others. Weird stuff.

So, what, exactly, was this poll supposed to do?


Oh, and the call came from 571-308-7951, with the caller ID reading “Virginia.” Thanks, Virginia.

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