So Long, Almost

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday March 21, 2006.

Friday, for those of you who are dumb, was St. Patrick’s Day. I attended a party for a Reno Legend, who happens to be leaving not just the city, but the state and country (sort of) as well. He’s moving to Guam. Who does that? Well, as I see it, a guy who has New Years parties where other guys get so drunk that they puke on the couch in front of your kids and pass out while their wife cries and (for whatever reason) comforts them because she feels horrible that he’s so drunk and sick on their second freaking anniversary. That kind of party was designed for a guy like Ed to have. Not just fun, but hilarious at the same time.

The St. Patty’s Day Drinkpocalypse, as it was deemed, was stellar. There was booze, there were fun people, and there was a video camera. Mine. Oh, and there was McCafferty. Fuckin’ A, there was McCafferty. Now, while I have been unable to throw together the video (my second hard drive has failed me, and I fought with it all day Sunday, but don’t worry, I have two more – bigger – ones), I promise that it shall happen this week, and serve as my podcast (you thought I wasn’t self-serving? Silly you)/adios video for Ed. Too bad I didn’t interview anyone. Or did I? I can’t remember. Be alert, people, the video looms. And McCafferty (whom I had never met before, by the way) might want to shut it down.

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