So, um, we're still waiting on that concession

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday November 8, 2006.

Dina Titus still hasn’t actually conceded the race has she? Maybe she did, but she’s not talking to anyone. It doesn’t seem to me like she’s planning any sort of lawsuit or anything like that (she lost convincingly in the sense that there is no doubt). So what gives? Is this the Titus we were told exists? The one who nobody really likes and can’t build coalitions and scolds students for working for the opponent? It sure seems like it.

According to the report I saw on Channel 4 Titus gave a very short (like 2 minutes) speech and disappeared into the press room and wouldn’t talk to anyone. That report said she was on the phone, and I figured there might be a lawyer on the other end, but that can’t be true. She lost a recount-proof race. It’s looking like avoidance now, as she also spent the evening not talking to other media outlets. Maybe Ray was right when he said Gibbons would be in for it. But isn’t that a bad reason to elect a guy? Because his opponent is the opposition leader and will stifle him. Makes me want to send a message to the opposition leader more than elect her. But whatever. She lost, and now she’s being a bit of a baby. Such is life.

I did just find this story which says she thanked her supporters and at least says she lost on her website. I’m all for the use of the web to convey messages, but when you lose in a political contest, you might want to not run and avoid reporters to post something online. I’m sure her contributers and volunteers appreciate it, though.

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