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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday June 17, 2006.

I wrote the last piece in a bit of a frenzy, if any of you can believe I’d ever be frenzied, and it lacked a certain polish. Well, here I am to polish it. The clause mentioned shall hereby be named, “The Cheney Clause.” So, in normal conversation (and writing), I may refer to The Cheney Clause, and anyone I might be speaking to or writing for must either recognize the clause or ask about the clause. If you do not, you’ll most likely not understand me. That would be new. Also, I will include at least one more exclusion from the clause: personal websites. When sites are professing to offer opinion, as opposed to claiming fact and insulting others, you shall be exempt from The Cheney Clause – unless, of course, you are so offensive that The Cheney Clause is invoked on principle. Also, if commenting on a site that is political in nature, The Cheney Clause is expressly acceptable. It’s simple, really. Don’t be an asshole, and I won’t Cheney Clause you. Now, just for the record, I will not Cheney Clause anyone who is simply in stark disagreement with me. But if they are, again, assholes about it, then the Cheney Clause will be in full effect, and that person shall feel the pain of said clause. If you are a person who might have the clause invoked upon you, feel free to inquire prior to offensive statements to receive a possible exemption. If you do not inquire previous to posting offensive remarks, The Cheney Clause might very well be invoked on principle as well, simply for not recognizing. Questions? The email is at the bottom of the page.

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