Sometimes removed posts aren't so removed

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday February 28, 2007.

You knew once the Nevada blogging world got bigger we’d start to get some scandalous behavior. Not that I’m picking on her or anything, but “Reno’s #1 Blogger” and “Most read website this side of Digg” (Just ask her) has gone and done the unthinkable. She removed a post.

Bad, bad form. Her explanation is that she felt bad about taking a cheap shot at reporter Molly Ball by bringing up a recent DUI. Okay. Although, this is a new world and it’s not like the DUI was untrue. I got an email from Myrna this morning explaining that she took the post down for that reason and no other. I fired back that I though no matter what her reason was, it’s a very weak move to remove any post. Once it’s up, it needs to stay up, even if you feel bad about it. This is about the conversation, you know. And there was a lively one going on in that thread. I guess we’ll never know.

Or will we? Late in the thread Myrna made a big mistake. She accused me of posting under a fake name. Well, I don’t like being accused of that. In fact, it might be about the worst thing you could possibly say to me. In case you don’t know, here’s a little background on what I think of fake names. There’s more, but most of it is contained in comments elsewhere. After the initial jab at me, I let her know that I wouldn’t stand for it. I also made sure she was aware that it was a very bad idea for someone intent on remaining anonymous to start throwing accusations around.

Thinking that the post might disappear, I started grabbing screenshots. I want what went on there to stay on the record. There was a good debate about the post in general and a pretty interesting attack on me. So I’ve saved it and you can view it here. It’s a big, long image so you’ll have to scroll a bit. It’s worth the read to see into the personality of someone who tends to try to act above it all. It also features the usual nutjobs coming to her defense – stupidly, of course.

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