Suckramento in a Game 7. This can't be pretty.

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday May 22, 2004.

Just a couple of quick sports takes for right now, until I think of something funnier.

  • Excellent work Big Unit. I’m just happy to see someone like him get something so cool, finally. I just have one thing to add. Nice going Everts. You bailed on the baseball thing just in time.
  • The Dodgers are acting like the Dodgers again.
  • Again, a stellar showing by the Kings. Has there been a worse team in, I don’t know, ever? And the fact that Doug Christie jacked up an airball in crunch time just solidifies him in the book of suckdom.
More on Christie. Dude, until you do something, anything, in a game 7, please refrain from holdin your han to the lord after making a meaningless shot in a regular season game against the Clippers, okay. See, the meaningful shots take place in game 7’s. And how fitting is it that not only did Christie jack up an airball, but Webber also missed a three on the last posession? Those two together might very well constitute the absolute worst pair of players to ever set foot on the hardwood floor in a game 7 ever. And if you are at all a loyal reader to this site, you’ll send a congratulatory email in my name to Bob who works at a company called Trapeze LTD. And if you put together the Trapeze and the LTD. in one word, and add a dot com to it, you might just have a domain name. But if you send it, you have to make sure he knows that I put you up to it, because otherwise he’ll just think you’re a crazy person. send something along the lines of, “Hey Bob, congrats on the T-Wolves finally getting to the Conference Finals. Oh, and Ryan Jerz says Hey.” Thanks.

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