Tallcan English Ale

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday April 26, 2009.

The finished productToday was a magical day. I was able to keg my latest batch of homebrew, Tallcan English Ale. It’s a very simple beer made from the very basics—one malt, one hops style, yeast and water.

I brewed it over a month ago and have wanted to keg it for several weeks, but it was slowly continuing the fermentation process so I had to hold off. I can’t do secondary fermentation right now because I lost two glass carboys over the winter. I had them filled with chlorinated water to keep them clean, and the worst of the cold took them out in the garage.

The recipe can be seen below:

Tallcan English Ale beer recipe

I tasted it while I measured the final gravity, and it was good. Light, a bit hoppier than you’ll get with a light beer, and should be really refreshing to drink in the next few weeks.

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