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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday August 18, 2004.

After finally settling down just a bit from the insanity that was our vacation and return home, I now have the opportunity to share one of my favorite moments from the trip with you all. Saturday we took The Boy and my aunt and uncle (the old one) to a Dodger game. As a major Dodger fan, I can only say there is nothing like seeing them at Dodger Stadium. I caught two games last year in San Francisco, but being surrounded by worshippers of alleged roid freak barry Bonds is not exactly the ideal setting for a fan of the Boys in Blue. To put it bluntly, San Fran sucked by comparison. And on top of that, tickets for the game in L.A. were only $12.00 apiece. I didn’t think it was possible to find tickets for that price, and they weren’t even the cheapest.

We were in the blue seats (Loge Level) on the third base side. It’s basically the area where you sit when you don’t know someone who has season tickets. That was fine. we were surrounded by people on dates and crap like that. There was also the guy two seats away from me that slammed beers faster than (the admittedly slow-working, but still) Odalis Perez could throw pitches. And Odalis was working it, getting through five innings in just over 1:15. I desperately tried to avoid making eye contact with the guy because I always wind up in some stupid conversation and completely frustrated by the drunk, know-nothing, what have you done for me lately jackass that just screams randomly when a strike is called on a Dodger. I really did not want that to happen tonight.

With all that in mind, there was one group of folks I desperately wish I could have been a part of. Team Fun. They had their party faces ON, baby! Team Fun consisted of about ten to fifteen folks, and each had their softball-style t-shirt, complete with the scripty writing that said “Team Fun” in orange. But they didn’t stop there. Some of them had customized their shirts to try to hit that “individuality” thing. Notice the girl with the shirt torn off. That belt she’s wearing, it the torn off part. Awesome!

In addition to having the best shirts at the game (never mind the bad ASS Game Over shirts with Eric Gagne’s grill on the front), team fun was inciting the crowd around them. They rallied the place. Team Fun could be considered the Loge Level Spirit Crew for Dodger Stadium on this night. I only wish I had been able to get as many people to follow my lead as Team Fun did. I’m actually surprised they never appeared on the Diamond Vision screen. I mean, they had all the pieces in place: the sunglasses at night, movie star looks, showing a little skin, the complete inebriation of most of it’s members, and of course, the guy who’s like, “WTF?” It was a complete night. Actually, I take that back. Team Fun never broke out a stack of beach balls, thank you very much. That may have forced me to hit somebody and turn Dodger Stadium into the near hell that it apparently has become on several nights of late.

On their way out, Team Fun high-fived the young kid at the end of my aisle as they ascended the stairs. The Boy turned to me and asked if they were all drunk. I responded to him that I was sure they had a designated Driverr or two, but that there was no question Team Fun had spent a considerable amount of jack on beers that night. At least they kept it cool and didn’t distract me from the game too much. Go Team Fun, and go Dodgers.

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