Testing out HTML 5 video embeds

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday January 30, 2010.

Goof off movie I made just to test this.

Anyone with Firefox able to watch this?

I think I figured it out. Here’s what I did to make this happen:

  • Followed this post, ironically, to get the ball rolling. Initially, it worked well in Safari but not Firefox—for me. Turns out, the Ogg file I created had the .ogv extension. I simply changed that to .ogg and Firefox was a go. My iPhone was giving me a problem so…
  • I looked here and found instructions on using Handbrake for encoding the MPEG-4 file. Brilliant.

Now it should work in both Safari and Firefox as well as on iPhones. I’m curious how it will work on other smart phones. I encoded a smaller Ogg version and used my awesome mobile detection plugin to keep the size of the container manageable (another thing I originally had issues with on my phone).

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