That Sears Lady Hates Me

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday September 26, 2004.

And Giants fans hate Alex Cora. That’s right, Alex Freaking Cora. Not only did he go deep into the worthless bay for the lead on Saturday, he went deep for the eventual game winning run on Sunday as the Dodgers completed a series win over the Giants in San Fran to keep their division lead at 2.5 games. Sure, the Giants won one of the games on a dramatic homer by Pete Feliz, but who gives a crap? The Dodgers displayed their dominance over the NoCal losers two nights of the three, and now they are in complete control for the division crown. But that’s not why we’re here.

I don’t screw around. I’ve been all about buying a new camera for some time. Christy came to me one day and asked how hard it would be for us to print out some of the shots I have taken of the kids. Well, with our previous camera we couldn’t really take many pictures of the kids and all of that that were printable. The bottom line was that the prints would have been too small to be at all sufficient, so I told her that if we wanted to print stuff out for display, and if I really was going to pursue my hobby of photography, I would need a serious camera.

I had one in mind, so that shouldn’t be a problem. And after a few months of talkng about it, actually considering it (which is new for us, because we really tend to just buy crap witht he thought of consequences coming much later), and planning for it, we bought it on Friday.

But that’s not all. I had a side job on Tursday, which had me taking pictures at a grand opening party, and earning a little cash. The cash was earmarked for the camera, but certainly not enough. I did the gig, was planning on saving the cash, and then I got an email from Christy abot Sears’ policy toward price matching. Basically, they would match any price on electronics, plus a discount opf 10% of the difference, if you brought in a final invoice. I printed pout an invoice for my camera, a full $131 off of retail, to the local Sears, and let them know I would be buying my new camera. Needless to say, there was a fight.

Christy had warned me that tey would never accept the deal. While I figured they were right, I wanted to go anyway. I was willing to walk away, which stood heavily in m favor. The salesguy immediately was confrontational, whch bothered me not in the least. I wanted the damn camera at my price, and I was going to get it. When he told me that Sears did not match prices from Amazon, I told him he was either 1) lying, or 2) stupid. I asked for his manager. She arrived, and they converged for a meeting that left them asking me if I had a Sears card. Of course I did. Well, that meant that they could gove me 10% off the price, which was $100 less. I said no freaking way. Their policy said I could get it for my price and I wasn’t backing down. The manager then got on the walkie talkie with someone and came back and said that was all she could do. I would not leave until they showed me where I was wrong on their website, a place I could access, that said they wouldn’t match prices from Amazon. The manager walked away, came back, and told me no.

I started to get pissed. I started asking names, which I love to do, and started to get all of them to look at each other. They were flustered. I asked the manager what her name was specifically, and what the name of the person she was talking to on the walkie talkie was, and she immediately told me to hold on. She converged with Mike, the salesguy, and they walked off for a minute or two. When she came back, she had a smile on her face ad said, “we’ll do it.” They not only sold me the cmaera at my price, but Mike was flustered enough to take te 10% off of that damn price as well. As I look at the Sears guarantee I still can’t see where Amazon is not included in the potential price matches. Sure, “local retail store” is probably meant to mean a brick and mortar place, as they repeatedly told me, but “local” and “store” pretty much get thrown out the window when the internet comes into play. So I ran from Sears with my new camera,a nd that manager now wants me dead, I’m sure.

In the meantme, check out the freaking photoblog, will ya?

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