Now that's what I'm talkin' about

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday October 16, 2006.

Okay, not what I’m talking about, but this is freaking embarrassing for everyone involved. That includes the University of Miami Hurrigangstas, F-I-Who, and that dumbass announcer who thinks they should take it to the tunnel after the game. Watch for yourself. The announcer earns his street cred about 1:45 in.

Both teams should have their season canceled. This is a bigger deal to me for Miami, who won the national title just a few years ago. I remember that game, when they destroyed an overrated Big-12 team (go figure) that didn’t even win their conference. On one particular play, a monster hit on the Nebraska tight end by a Miami linebacker led to an injury on said tight end. The Miami players and coaches were laughing it up on the sidelines while medical staff attended to a hurt player. Full of class, as always. Somebody (or somebodies) belongs in jail for this one.

A couple more things. A total of 31 players from both teams have been suspended for ONE GAME. Some guy got a game for swing ing his helmet, and another got a game for stomping on someone’s legs. Also, here’s an interesting tidbit about my new favorite color guy. Sounds like a solid citizen all the way around.

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