The Aftermath

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Sunday November 27, 2005.

Nevada Stuns Fresno State

Now I guess I have to explain how things went. First off, it was cold. Damn cold. There was beer spilled in front of me (not mine, are you kidding?) and it froe. That posed some potential issues with cheering. You just don’t want to be celebrating a Nichiren Flowers touchdown just a few feet away and slip and fall on your ass while holding a beer. Nobody wants that. Besides, that’s the kind of crap that’s supposed to go on in the student section.

The student section is another matter. They have cordoned off the north end zone for the students. They say that 3,000 tickets are reserved for them, and after that they have to pay. Well, there could not have been more than 250 kids out there. It was the saddest part of the entire game. I kept looking across the field at that crowd and wondering where it had all gone. When I was in school, we showed up for games. It was what you did. And at that time, there were so many of us going to games that they gave us the south end zone…the big section. And it was packed. Now they get a third of the space and it looks barren. It’s sad, ad it’s a major reason the football program has been in trouble with attendance. Show up, students.

To their credit, Fresno can represent. They travel well. I have never seen so much red in that stadium. The visitor’s section is right next to the southeast corner, where I sit. And they were loud. But they also got abused. At one point they had to actually cheer for a first down. It was that bad for Fresno. Plus, I’m pretty sure we started every chant last night. Chants like “OVER-RATED” (which I dislike, so I didn’t say it) and the obligatory “na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.” We also had a few Fresno fans right behind us. I offered several times to convert them, they refused, and before I could talk to them after the game, they were gone. Lamers.

I hope many of you had a chance to see the game on television. For those of you that did, I have a few questions. First, did Nevada look as strong as they did to us? They never seemed to even pretend like the outcome was in jeopardy. Nevada was in control the whole time. When they fell behind, they made a play or two to take the game back. It’s been a long time since I saw a team like that. Second, were there a lot of crowd shots of people spilling beer? The fact that we have beer sales at the game makes us a bit out of the ordinary. It seems like colleges all over the country have gone dry in their games. Maybe it’s been that way for a long time. But I was thinking that it would be a tough game to shoot and direct because you like to portray college football as a clean and sober sport. Third, was anyone else laughing when Robert Hubbard took a knee on the goalline at the end of the game? That was the ultimate slap in the face, and I loved it. Not that he meant it to be insulting, but it was. When you have a team beaten, the last thing they want is for you to take a knee, to show them mercy. As a fan, I really, really wanted him to take it in so I could hear them fire the cannon one more time. But he had a bit more class than me.

The mob on the field was pretty cool too. I have not seen that one since before I came to school here. I was not on the field, but thought about it. By the time I could have gotten down there, it was too late for any on the initial excitement, and I would have just been wandering around without a purpose. Actually, that sounds a lot like what happens after I wake up each day. So I left. In the car on the way home, I caught the tipoff of the Nevada-UNLV game. Upon arrival at home, everyone had already heard the outcome on the radio, and had the TV tuned into basketball. So I watched, and capped off a perfect evening. Despite a 2 of 9 shooting and only six points from Nick Fazekas, the Pack still handled UNLV. All is well in the North.

Random observations from the game

  • Fresno people got real loud after they took the lead. Their team got pumped and they looked to have a bit of momentum. That didn’t last.
  • On their way into the lockeroom at halftime, I saw a Fresno official (coach, operations guy, whatever) really getting into it with some fans. He had to be restrained from going back to do a bit more yelling, and the cops hired to be security had to get in his way. It was odd.
  • Fresno’s fans seemed to really like our beer policy. I saw a lot of hammered guys trying to start shit at the bathrooms.
  • Draw play to Hubbard seemed to never miss. They used it on a third and 11, I think, on the drive to regain the lead in the fourth. They used the same play for that touchdown on that drive.
  • I reiterate my call for beer sales until at least the fourth quarter. It is so clutch to have a drink in hand for victories like this.
  • It’s extremely nice to see “Nevada” listed as a team on the “Others receiving votes” list for the AP Top-25 Poll. Damn.

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