The BCS is Lame

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday January 9, 2007.

First things first. I know it’s not changing anytime soon, but I can at least make a case for it’s lameness. I think that anyone who tries to make the case that the BCS worked this season is either a complete fool or a liar. How can you? If Ohio State had won the game last night, then I would have been content that the best team in college football was being called the best team in college football. But they not only lost, they got embarrassed by a team that was there under a bit of controversy.

What last night’s game illustrates is that the BCS didn’t work. It has worked before. I’ll readily admit that. When USC blasted Oklahoma it worked — sort of1. When Texas beat USC it worked. I’d still argue that a playoff system of some sort would have worked better in every instance, but at least those times it was something for which the case could be made. Last night, not at all.

There were a few other teams that should have had a shot at the title. Michigan, while I think they lost their shot by losing to OSU in their final game of the season, had a claim. USC, while they certainly lost their shot by losing twice, had a claim. LSU, even though they lost twice2, had a claim. Even Boise State3 can say they deserved a shot at the title. While each of those teams arguably played their way out of the title game, with the exception of Boise, the blowout loss by the supposed runaway #1 team only says a playoff is necessary. Without it, we’ll always have the possibility of the team who’s not supposed to be there winning big and stirring up controversy. It won’t always happen, but it could. And isn’t crowning a champion supposed to remove all doubt?

1 Oklahoma didn’t win their conference, yet was still ranked #2 by the BCS system. I wrote about that here. Please ignore the attitude.

2 Once was to Florida, in a much closer game than last night’s.

3 The only undefeated team left in major college football.

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