The Carson City Crusher: Crushed

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday November 6, 2007.

Former San Francisco Giant Matt WilliamsMatt Williams, the Carson City Crusher, has been named as a player who purchased performance enhancing drugs from a Florida clinic.The brilliant work of Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams continues to be done. And this time, their work focuses us on a local guy who had the good fortune of seeing the same dentist as Paul Byrd, recently exposed juicer. Matt Williams, the Carson City Crusher, has been named as a player who received shipments of HGH and steroids from a Florida clinic in 2002.

Sadly, Williams resorts to the same line as Paul Byrd did:

In a phone interview Monday, Williams said a doctor advised him to try growth hormone to heal a serious ankle injury he suffered during spring training in 2002.

Unfortunately for Williams, his prescriptions were written by a dentist, who might have a hard time convincing people he’s qualified to treat ankle injuries.

The best commentary on the matter can be found at Steroid Nation:

Clearly the MLB has a problem. Steroid/PED/doping use was indeed rampant in the sport. The influence of drug-cheating and corruption now spreads into the upper echelons of the game. Who doped? Who is clean? What records and what winners are tainted with dope-cheating? Who is an apologist, because he was implicated in drug-cheating? Who can be trusted?

We really can’t know that for sure. Williams was even defending Barry Bonds on Arizona Diamondbacks broadcasts, saying he hoped the tainted slugger was exonerated. The two were teammates while with the San Francisco Giants.

Another unfortunate circumstance is that Matt Williams has long been the best known baseball player from this area. He was born in Bishop, California and spent his teenage years in Carson City, playing for the summer league team, the Carson Capitals. During his career, he was often heralded on the local news because he was from the area and was playing for the Giants early on. Many of my friends can tell you right off the bat where he is from, and some have met Williams while they grew up in Carson City themselves. That he has now been implicated in what will go down as the lowest period in baseball since prior to breaking the color barrier is a disappointment for sports fans in northern Nevada. It’s a shame that it came to this, but I guess that’s how it goes these days in baseball.

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