The fact that Sharron Angle is still around should scare you

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Monday August 11, 2008.

I’m hardly a fan of Politics as Usual™, which, along with its Siamese twin Vote for Change™, is the most embarrassing cliché used in politics that I can think of, but in some cases it’s kind of that exact thing you need when the alternatives are so scary. Basically, when a crazy person is actually a semi-legitimate candidate and running against a longtime champion of your district/town/area, you have no other choice than to vote for Politics as Usual™.

Such is the case with State Senator Bill Raggio. Sure, he’s kind of the king of backroom deals (undoubtedly filled with cigar smoke), but I honestly can’t think of a person who has Nevada’s best interests at heart more than Raggio. Granted, I don’t know everyone, but I trust Bill Raggio to lead the district in which I live apparently don’t live (real sorry about that), and I trust him to be the most powerful person in the state senate.

I do not trust crazy people. Sharron Angle is a crazy person. There is plenty to go off of here. My GOD have you heard her commercials? First, she’s a staunch conservative, which is actually admirable. She’s just the impractical kind. Her refusal to ever think about budging on tax issues is, to me, irresponsible. I dislike taxes, sure, but the refusal to ever consider their restructuring (and yes, I believe a pledge to never vote for a tax increase would lead to a barrier in ever restructuring any taxes) closes too many doors to keep government working in the way we expect it to work. Frankly, that’s why I think she’s crazy. Ron Paul Crazy™.

She’s the consummate one-issue candidate, except she has, like, two issues—taxes and education. I’m sure she supposedly cares about other things, but basically her positions align her with crazy religious people that should scare the hell out of even crazy religious people. You don’t replace The Don™ with a person like that, even if The Don™ played a key role in the redistricting that tried to get her voted out of the assembly, only to have the up-and-coming Greg Brower wind up getting canned.

This brings us to a fantastic story I read the other day about Angle blowing off a taping of Nevada Newsmakers (if you can’t stomach the show, he leads right off with the explanation, which is laughable). It’s so awesome when someone bails out on a “debate” program. I wonder what her issue was. Seriously. I mean besides the fact that “it would take three hours of commercial free airtime to fully discuss the issues.” Ron Paul Crazy™.

Appearing on the show certainly wouldn’t have swayed me to vote for her. I’m too aware of who she is to consider that. But not showing up sure is fun to talk about.

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