The fifth wheel

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday May 28, 2004.

Liz Phair will be in Tahoe on Saturday. I will be in attendance, along with Ethan, his wife Colleen, and Ed and Heidi. Christy will not be attending, since it was difficult to find a kid watcher. Hopefully she’ll sing some older stuff. I have heard the tracks offered as iTunes downloads from the recent Apple Store opening in Chicago, and there is an older one there, so I think it may happen. Let us all hope she hasn’t abandoned her roots and gone completely commercial. If she has, I just might yell something really loud and profane, which might get me kicked out, and that would suck because I’d just have to sit somewhere in the smoky casino until the show got over because Ethan, Colleen, and I are planning on riding together. Man, that would suck. Also, Maybe this is why I wanted the iPod recorder thingy from the other day. Seriously, Liz, don’t suck.

I’ll have more on how much fun being the fifth wheel is too. And I’m sure it’s not like the TV show, where the fifth wheel rolls up and gets all the chicks to just hang on him becase they are so sick of the toady guys that they’ve spent the last 7 minutes with. That fifth wheel is cool, this one isn’t so cool. Is it really 12:40 already? And knowing those other couples, they’ll be totally making out while I sit uncomfortably watching the show and wondering how I’m ever going to make it home without going completely crazy. Man, this might have been a really bad idea.

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