The Mysterious Envelope

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday February 9, 2010.

The EnvelopeThe Mysterious Envelope: This mysterious envelope appeared at my post office box with markings from Germany. Photo by Ryan Jerz

I received this envelope in the mail today, or sometime in the past several weeks. I had not been to my mailbox in a while, but knew that due to tax season rolling around, I had better get there. I found a key the post office puts in there when you have a package to pick up from one of the lockers. It felt like a spy movie. I went to the locker, opened it, and found the envelope.

The German markings were odd. I had no idea why I would be getting an envelope from a publisher in Germany. After a bit of investigation (basically, opening the envelope and exploring the contents) I realized at least I wasn’t being sued. Click the picture and move forward to see the story unveil itself.

Lars Brinkmann of Hamburg is a man of his word. I went back through my emails and found one from him asking about these photos. He promised a copy of the “magazine” and that’s what I got. Awesome.

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