The punchlines come naturally

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Wednesday March 21, 2007.

I’ve long had a personal feud with Sparks. It might be that I worked there for a few years. It might be that it’s the jacked up truck capital of the world. It might be that it’s just Sparks.

This was on the cover of Living Well “Magazine.” It came in the mail today and never quite made it into the trash. Here are three good lines to go along with the glossy front cover (featuring Dr. Arnold Trabucco). Call them “subheads,” if you will:

  1. A city that’s always been piss-poor now has a team to care for it
  2. Yes, someone does give a piss about Sparks
  3. Welcome. Urine Sparks.

Feel free to put that last one on the sign, Gino Martini.

P.S. My apologies to Laura and Rissy (who just finished pulling tile off my bathroom floor). See, even the best Sparkies just wind up doing manual labor for free (or a glass of wine).

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