The Republic of Molossia hits the big time

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday July 4, 2008.

Everyone at Republic SquareOur visit to Molossia: from left: Jim “Scrippeiro” Scripps; Ryan Jerz; His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh; Charlie Johnston.As it turns out, this site has its finger on the pulse of the nation—or at least the main paper in the biggest city in the Midwest.

Our little trip out to the micronation of Molossia was a full two months before a reporter from the Chicago Tribune made the trip.

Bigger than the Tribune, though, is the mention Molossia got on Fark. To me, that’s the be all end all of publicity.

Check out the story, and make sure you read through the comments. A lot of the people seem to have understood His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh, but there are definitely some hilarious ones about treason. To those, a simple RTFA will do.

To President Baugh, congratulations. And the world should know we would have had a video too if the wind hadn’t been God-awful that day.

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