This one is new for me

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Friday February 13, 2009.

I went down to the Nevada Legislature today and applied for a press credential. I won’t hear about it for a few days, but I think it should go through. I hope it goes through.

You don’t really need credentials to hang around, but I wanted to get one so that when I pulled a camera out and started rolling video I wouldn’t get tossed out of there. Plus the badge will be cool. I won’t get to spend much time there at all, but perhaps later in the session there will be some late nights that I can sneak in on for an hour or two. That’s when the real battles will happen on the budget anyway.

This stemmed from a brief conversation with an old friend. I ran into a guy I know who works with Ross Miller at a restaurant a few days ago. He was having lunch with Ross and introduced me. They asked if I’d be spending any time at the legislature and I said no. But as I said it I realized I really shouldn’t pass up the chance to work on something for this site. Who knows what will catch my eye, but something will. If I get that credential, I’ll be all over it.

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