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Posted by Ryan Jerz on Tuesday July 27, 2004.

When I go out on a run, it really gives me time to think. I guess that’s the same for everyone, but I tend to do things differently from many people. See, I can’t hold a train of thought for a very long time. I jump around with my thoughts, get bored, and usually think of about forty things all at once. Tonight was no different. I’m going to try to give you an idea as to how this thinking works.

I ran over to Virginia Lake, and ran around it three times, then ran back home. During my laps around the lake, I listened to the greatest invention ever and tried a little something new for myself. I usually listen to my “Running” playlist, and only recently figured out how to make it play on random. The downside is that I have heard so damn many of the songs at the top of the playlist because I didn’t know how to play random, so when they come on, I get disappointed. So I had to mix it up a bit and try a new playlist. I tend to throw all the artists by whom I own multiple albums into a playlist of the artsit’s name. It’s really handy if I want to hear nothing but, say, Trisha Yearwood for the entire ride from here to Winnemucca. Not that I would, but it really makes things easier to deal with if I so choose to do things that way. Tonight’s choice was a recent favorite, The Crystal Method.

I became a big fan of the Crystal Method when I started listening to The Jim Rome Show several years ago. Rome’s engineer, who was apparently responsible for the bumper music, used to play the tune from “Busy Child” coming back from breaks. Then The Gap put the song in a commercial with a bunch of skaters riding a half-pipe in khakis or something. I found the CD, bought it, and really got to digging it. Please remember that this is not just a story, this is what I was actually thinking. Of course, it all took about three or four steps to run through the progression here.

Now I must tell you that that first Method album, Vegas is really dope. I love it. But recently, I got a gift card for the iTunes Music Store, and bought their new one, Legion of Boom. The first time I listened to it, I didn’t like it as much as Vegas. That’s all changed. This album rocks. Every time a track from that album played it pumped me up. I really felt like I ran a lot harder. My heart was beating faster, I turned it up louder and I think I killed my sweet iPod earbuds from the bleeding out of my ears, which is fine. At that moment I realized I really needed to write about this album, even if it’s just to say that it’s pretty good. Their music is absolutely made to play throug headphones as loud as fucking possible and go into a trance. I totally see why these guys are big in the ecstasy, glow stick, having sex while dancing crowd. They make you feel like you’re flyyyyyyyinnnnnnnng.

So I ran. Then this one track, which I grabbed a while back from, um a friend, or something, which is a total Dane Cook rave track (find that audio piece on the ssite, and you’ll not only laugh, but you’ll understand) remix of a track off of Vegas. But toward the end of that track, this undertone beat sounds an awful freaking lot like the beat in Madonna’s song, “Vogue.” My God, “Vogue” is freaking everywhere. I hear that shit on stupid cell phones all the time, and people don’t even know that’s what it is. Speaking of Madonna, I like Madonna’s music. Once, when I was in high school, I was such a big fan, that someone bought me this little rubber toy thing that was Madonna’s character from Dick Tracy. Yes, this is where we’re headed. I kept the thing on the dash of my car, and all of my jackass friends would pick the toy up and play with it. Needless to say, by the time I lost it, the paint on here breasts was rubbed off. I’m glad I finally got home.

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