Three days of isolation

Posted by Ryan Jerz on Saturday December 15, 2007.

Me Jumping at Springs PreserveThe Long Jump: I want to say that I cleared somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 feet. But that depends on a liberal definition of neighborhood. Like, say, if you defined "neighborhood" as "twice as far as what really went down."I am back from Las Vegas and the 2007 Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Las Vegas. The conference was great and I worked my ass off (I shot a ton of photos and video), but the real story for the week for me was that I was almost totally disconnected.

The only internet contact I had was using one of the two computers set up in the “Internet Cafe” as part of the conference. Basically, that meant I could look to see if there were any emails that were pressing, send one or two that needed to be sent, glance at my RSS feeds (before I ever got there I had “1,000+!”—they were eventually deleted this morning after I realized it was hopeless) and move on. There was no hope to get any writing in and I never got around to actually getting the wireless hooked up because by the time I got back to my room at night I just wanted to go to bed.

Highlight of the week

Starting a pretty funny Twitter battle with Dean McBeth.

Lowlight of the week

After starting it, I was unable to even realize it started until the next day because I was disconnected!

Other noteworthy stuff

  • Springs Preserve. Go there if you visit Vegas and spend any time sober. Cool Place. There’s even a long jumping area (above).
  • Almost getting run from Pure because I brought the official state video camera. Because nobody could possibly videotape these days unless they have a real video camera.
  • Oscar Goodman on stage in a suit, with a martini, and wearing Crocs (that is secondhand info—I’ll have to go to the photos for the evidence).
  • Meeting some great people. We’ll build on this.
  • Coining the term “conference stalker.” At least I think I came up with it. It means attending conferences so you can follow particular people around without actually ever talking to them.

OK, enough of the conference talk. I’ll be back soon with something interesting.

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